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left quote I just wanted to say that I spoke to Cam with the Cop Shop and purchased a new duty belt and some Under Armour shirts a couple of weeks ago and these guys were great. I got just what I asked for and the package arrived very quickly. So thanks again guys for being so helpful and I will certainly keep posting flyers and sending out emails for you. Its about time that someone has products for DOC.right quote Officer R. Mims, Winter Haven, Fl


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Welcome to The Cop Shop on Wheels

The following products are our top picks for what we feel are the best products in the industry for the money. We carry a wide range of products, apparel, and accessories for law enforcement, Florida Department of Corrections and public safety professionals. Our products include men's boots and shoes, women's boots and shoes, boot and shoe accessories, leather accessories, leather badge holders, leather belts, leather cuff cases, leather glove pouches, key accessories, nylon accessories, nylon belts, nylon cuff cases, nylon glove pouches, nylon key accesories, belt buckles, blousers, clutch backs, collar brass, cuff keys, flash lights, hand cuffs, ID holders/retrievers, key clips/chains, pepper spray, Florida DOC apparel, caps and hats, gloves, jackets and raincoats, pants, shirts and t-shirts.

We have based our selections on many years of sales, customer feedback, and how the products hold up in the field. Obviously, there are many more styles and brands in each category than we have listed below. If there is a product you'd like, but don't see listed here, give us a call at (850) 838-1900, or send an email to We have access to just about any product made!

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